How to Buy a Photo Printer

If you are buying a photo printer, there are a lot of factors to think about. They come in different formats so it is important you know what you are looking for before you buy. Hopefully, after reading this buyer’s guide you will feel more confident about what type you should buy, or if you should purchase one at all! inkjet printer manufacturers

Do you only need to print photos?

Or do you want to do more!

It is a common myth that all-in-one printers cannot give you the same quality print as a photo printer would. If you purchase a high end machine then it is more than capable of giving you the high-quality photo you desire. Unless you want a portable printer, then an all-in-one is for you. You can do all your printing from one machine! All-in-one photo printers are usually capable of printing photos, scanning, photocopying and faxing. Do remember though that these types of printers tend to be larger in size.

How much are you willing to spend?

Another factor to consider is your budget! The price of photo printers can range from $20 to over $2000. You need to be aware of the maintenance cost. This means routinely replacing the paper and the ink, which can become quite expensive depending on the printer. Make sure you do your research to see which printers are cheapest to maintain! Furthermore, Some printers only allow you to change all the inks at once, which can become quite costly, especially when they use up a lot of ink. I suggest you buy a printer that allows you to change the ink cartridges separately

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