What’s Better? Free Weights Or Weight Machines?

Ever since bodybuilders hit Venice Beach in California, there has been a never ending battle between the purists of weight training and those who just want to build a better mousetrap, or bodybuilder as the case may be.

What was it going to be?

Free weights?

Weight machines?

Or dare I even say it, both?

The purists of weight training would swear by free weights, your barbells, dumbbells, squat racks and scary looking torture devices.

Those looking for the next big thing would argue for machines, for bio-mechanically correct movements and giant stacks of iron weights movable by a metal pin.

Who’s right and who is wrong?

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawback of each so that we can make an informed decision.

We’ll address Free Weights first.

Benefits of free weights:

1. With free weights, you are forced to stabilize your body for the movement.  Because of this, you get all of your stabilizing muscles activating such as your abdominals and lower back.  More muscles, more work, better results is this argument. multihead weigher packing machine

2. Free weights tend to be a more natural movement, similar to what you would do in real life or in sports.

3. Free weights are incredibly versatile, don’t take up much room and can be used for every single part of your body without too much extra moving around.

4. With free weights you are more flexible to work the same muscle group in many different ways without having to move from one piece to another, sometimes all it will take is a change in angle or joint position.

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